Existing dam or reservoir

Existing dam or reservoir

The VFH Turbine™ consists of the complete mechanical, electrical, and process control assembly for “smaller” and “medium” flow requirements. Based on the example photo shown, the 42″ diameter inlet and 30″ diameter inlet can produce up to 650 kW per unit for a Reservoir site. The two existing pipes & flanges coming from the dam will seamlessly match those of our butterfly valve and VFH Turbine™ flanges.


  • The Discharge Tube and Runner diameter will be sized according to each unit’s head pressure and flow. This design will accommodate a 42″ diameter and 30″ diameter runner and discharge tube. Thomas Brother’s Hydro will supply the tooling for the runner, and the tube will extend from the turbine outlet to inside the river.


  • The VFH Control System includes an industrial-grade Programmable Logic Control (PLC) designed to be a “stand-alone” system to control and monitor the operation of the VFH Turbine. It consists of a 6″ touch screen for local HMI interface for diagnostic and maintenance functions. The power meter will indicate kilowatt hours, phase voltage, phase current, and power factor. The control system will be able to communicate to a remote monitoring system.


  • A Generator is provided and includes a thrust bearing for vertical mount, internal bearing temperature sensors, stator over-temp switch, tropicalized insulation, stator heaters, and epoxy paint.

Silt and sediment removal

The VFH system has been designed to stop the turbine from spinning and allows the flushing process to move more silt and sediment without damaging the turbine or generator. Reservoir flushing helps remove deposited sediments from the reservoir to retrieve the reservoir storage capacity and help flood control.