Turning rivers into energy sources

The VFH Turbine™ riverside application can produce energy by utilizing a rivers’ water flow and elevation, allowing the creation of green renewable energy from inconsistent water flows. By creating an intake structure, we divert a portion of the river stream into a pipe (called “penstock”), which is then channeled downhill into the VFH™ and reunited back into the stream. The potential energy of water is converted into mechanical power at the VFH System, all without requiring a large dam and reservoir. The VFH Turbine™ enhances aquatic life and water quality by adding Dissolved Oxygen during our proprietary process.

Safe Fish passage

GPTPR’s Safe Fish Passage technology is designed to provide safe passage for fish in a river or surface water application. It works by using a patented hydroscreen to divert a portion of the water into a containment chamber, which is then fed to our VFH Turbine. The hydroscreen ensures that debris, silt, sediment, and aquatic life all pass safely over it, without entering the turbine, penstock or endangering aquatic life. The technology has numerous environmental-friendly advantages, including low maintenance, no need for a dam or reservoir, and a passive diversion channel that is typically <7 feet wide.